About Angela

After a newly wed hiatus, it's time to get back to the music.

Based in Duluth, Minnesota, I play coffeeshops, bars, community/charity/fundraising events, and beach fires for the most part, but occasionally a wedding will snatch me up. I also busk on the Lake Walk in summer and always while on a trip abroad.

Upcoming Shows

No performances scheduled at this time, but you might have luck at an open mic...

I started playing solo shows...then added a drummer...then a bassist...and I started playing piano more...I'm a sucker for a good beat and the bigger sound of a band makes it hard to go back to solo gigs - but it'll happen from time to time until a "new project" is ready to release. Hint, hint. Once a Duluthian, always a Duluthian; I keep the recording local at Sacred Heart Studio with Eric Swanson. Come out and see a show! And please introduce yourself - I love to meet a new listener.

The film thing was pretty much an accident - I'd never thought about creating a video. The one I did was just a good idea with resources and support to complete it. DuluthQ, a group of young folks in town who like to talk about social justice issues and come up with a project or two along the way, helped gather funding and resoruces to make the filming possible. The result was amazing. Personally, I gained so much insight to, and respect for, Duluthian life outside the little box I live every day. The free premeire event was packed and many folks were turned away. A reception followed and the discussions that took place there were sparks for a community discussion about the realities of poverty in Duluth and how to begin addressing them. It has been used in colleges, local schools, business staff trainings, etc. Take a look! Several copies are also available at all Duluth Public Libraries.


Get the CD

Self-titled CD released July 24th, 2010, featuring guest musicians Dre Monson (upright bass), Allen Olson (drum set), Dave Mennes (djembe), Adam Sippola (male vocal, whistling), recorded and mixed by Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart Studio.

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